Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I should have known - Part 1 (The dawning of the dusk)

Dry, cold and late - it was just another night
Written in my fate, the last i felt right
Hit me not the tropical summer
For the inconveniently chilling emotional slumber
Is that to come from my own?
Well, I should have known

Years down the memory lane
Oceans sweeter than the cane
The love that you lent-
The missing ingredient
What in me have you sown?
Well, I should have known

Walls of care; joy and tears
In your eyes, pure and clear
The shining, pricking glare
Veiling reality, oh, do I really care?
Before I took your crown
I should have known

In anger, happiness and sorrow
Its your time I had to borrow
Together we'll grow, you promised!
Oh, how is that to be missed?
There is a world to be dealt with, alone
I should have known!

Many my mistakes were
Nevertheless you know, I do care
I forgot my life, way and vision
Living a dream; a delusion
I was becoming your clone
Perhaps, I should have known!

I found 'cause of you, a purpose
This I sure must confess
I changed, for the good or bad
For I was so inane or mad
This was getting to my bone
Darn, I should have known!

You taught me love, care and emotions
You alleviated all my worst premonitions
I fell, I had your hand to hold
Now I walk with my hands in pocket, not bold
To face the world's  unforgiving cold
Staring at the path I was never shown
For once, I should have known!



  1. Awesome.. :) everything (especially the rhyme and the choice of words)is good.. only thing i cant understand is wat and who you are talking about.. :P

  2. Thanks Nattu :) Does it matter what it is and about whom it is?? And on top of it I dont think its necessary that there must be some reason behind this. ;) This is a generalised expression of missing someone. And do read part II which'll be released in a couple of days :P

  3. Nice one dude:) Enjoyed it!! Of course, waiting for the nest part :P

  4. Chandru, thanks man! :) You can expect it tomorrow or the day after.

  5. dint know u were a poet.... a tad philosophical maybe but poetic??
    i dint make it past the first stanza but dont feel bad....i just dont get poetry unless it bawdy or hilarious

  6. good work prem..!!..that was a real nice one..;)