Saturday, August 13, 2011

Of Dreams and Visions and the Reality

You are given one life. What do you want to do with with?? You can live a Bill Gates, an Abdul Kalam, a J K Rowling or an Einstein or just be one among 6 billion. Well, may be not Einstein, but the rest are right on the cards, especially the last one.Yeah, you have the power to make yourself whatever you want to be.

Many successful people had a clear vision in their mind of what they wanted to be. They dreamed of themselves achieving their goals and then woke up one day to see themselves realizing the dream. When i think about dreams, the first thing that comes to my mind is the movie "The October Sky". Homer Hickam was inspired by Sputnik I and wanted to conquer space. He had a dream of exploring space. A strong dream and a strong vision that was etched in his mind. He started with building mini rockets with his friends. The path was not easy. Ofcourse, rarely, if not never, do your dreams align with the reality. Homer faced a lot of hardships including being ousted from school but he never gave up. There is this saying, "Failures are only temporary conditions. Giving up is what makes it permanent". Homer never gave up and one day he ended up at NASA. The only thing that kept him going is his strong vision of his dreams.

The other thing that can be attributed to Homer's success is the fact that what did was exactly what he was passionate about. He was obsessed with rockets and even though he was from a coal mining town, he worked on this alien-to-his-place field. Yes, always do what you love to do. From every one of your personal experiences, you may find it exceedingly convincing that your 100% effort and commitment will be seen only when you do what you love. When you are passionate about something that you want, you'll always have that vision of yourself in future having all that you wanted. Whenever you dream about it, you will live it. You get a feel about it that is so real and so satisfying that it triggers you to work towards erasing the boundaries separating your dream from the reality.

When you are driven by dreams and passion, it is very important to set measurable targets along the course of achieving the goal. There is a huge possibility of your passion taking over your conscious mind and thus leaving you lost and no longer would you be able to differentiate between your dream and the reality. This is when your passion becomes madness. But when you have measurable targets, you will know where you are and where your dream is and what you need to do to cover the distance. These targets will take you very close to your ultimate goal if at all you don't achieve it which is rare when you have a clear goal and vision.

So guys, go ahead, dream big, dream about what you love and what you want; visualize it; get the feel of what it will be like when you get it; work with passion and you'll find your dream come true in no time :)

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