Thursday, August 18, 2011

The odd Motivating Factors

I am sometimes over optimistic. Probably I was the only one who believed that India will win the 3rd test against England even on the 4th day of play and I still believe that we'll bounce back to win the 4th test and the ODI series 5-0. I always like to take positives out of even the worst of situations. Here are some of the usually negative factors that I feel can be motivating too.

1) Anger
Anger is something that is almost always perceived to be a negative character. According to me anger is probably the most influential factor for motivation. I feel most aggressive and ambitious when I am angry. There are no bounds to the visions you get when anger fills you. Your anger may be because of someone saying you are wrong, you can't or you won't. That is when you feel the strong need to prove yourself. Ideas flow through your mind at a frantic pace and you'll put in your best effort to prove yourself when you are filled with anger. You'll also be amazed to see how everything subside once you calm down. The trade secret is to sustain your anger long enough that you do something during that time to achieve your objective. I am not telling that one should always be hot and rude. Anger is like nuclear energy - it can destroy you and your surrounding but, if channelized in the right way, can make wonders

2) Annoyance
Being annoyed is one scenario that can work your way if properly worked on. When an mosquito bites you, you instantaneously react. In the same way, you would never want to exist in an annoying scenario for long. In other words, you start working more than you normally do to get rid of the annoying factors.

3) Disappointment
You are disappointed with something. What do you do? Sit back and repent? Or work towards the betterment of the situation? One with a positive attitude, does the latter. Sometime, disappointment comes with the above two too. That is when you are at your best to perform better!

4) People
People! Ah, how motivating are they? It may be the person that you care about or someone that irritates you or ridicules you or someone who inspires you. This may sound familiar and you may wonder why I call it an odd factor. Here I am specifically talk about people who have a negative influence on you. Those people are capable of producing the other five factors mentioned here. That is when you will feel the urge in you to achieve and conquer them.

5) Humiliation
Humiliation is probably the most powerful among the six factors. I have a perfect example for this from my own life. My mom often used to remind me of this incident. When I was in 4th std, a girl always used to get the first rank and I always came next. One day, while we were talking about marks and stuff, she said to me "You can never get the first rank". That day when I returned home, I threw my schoolbag to a corner and told my mom, "She says I can never get first rank. Ava kitta naan yaarunu kattren (I'll show her who I am)". In the very next exam, I was the topper (And thats the only time I topped the class in that school). I was humiliated and i was angry. I was able to sustain the anger till I got the first rank and then became calm and reverted back to normal. I should perhaps have kept that fire burning and that might have sustained my position at the top. This is exactly what I said in the anger section. Keep the fire in you for good. Here, this is a case of humiliation triggering anger.

6) Frustration
Frustration is a mix of all the above mentioned things. This is something that has the potential to have a deep negative impact on you. This happens when there is some heavy obstacles in the path leading to your goals. You may feel frustrated even when you are in your most motivated state. But then remember this - there is nothing like immediate results. This frustration will make you double your efforts so that your goals appear to be within your reach.

Develop the habit of seeing positives in everything. You'll become unstoppable!

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  1. Indeed, humiliation and insult are the ultimate factors!