Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comfort zone - The deceiver

Comfort zone can be defined in two ways (According to me; I haven't given much thought about it before starting with this post, so in case you don't agree with my definitions, feel free to educate me in the comments section) - one with respect to communication or performing some action in front of someone or in a particular situation and the other in a macroscopic view, with respect to how happy one is with his life.

Lets take the first perspective. Comfort level is the extent to which you can talk or act or behave in a place without any inhibitions or discomfort. People generally use the phrase "expand your comfort zone" for better personal presentation. The wider your comfort zone, the better you are presented as yourself as people tend to present themselves as someone they are not in places where they don't feel comfortable. Its probably because they think they don't belong to the group or people may ridicule them or fear of making a fool of oneself in front of everyone. But many, including me, don't realize that a common man has much more freedom than the ones in the limelight. A common English guy can dance on the street (without causing disturbance, ofcourse) but the Queen can't even walk the streets. Imagine how people would ridicule when a Nobel Laureate makes a blunder in his presentation?? With so few eyes on you, you can afford to make mistakes. When you are no longer bothered about how people would think about you and start bothering about how you want you to be, only then you really enjoy the freedom that you have. Don't talk about expanding your comfort zones, just stop bothering about comfort zones. After all, however big comfort zones are, the still pose a boundary.

Now coming to the important perspective, the one which I really wanted to write about - the comfort zones at a macro level - your life. God gave everyone 1.36 kg of a neuron rich thing. It is always empty for everyone when they are born. Your life is decided not by the amount of stuff you put into it but by how much you want to use it. An average guy may want something in life that he thinks to be the ultimate goal. It may be something like a healthy family, a house in a calm location, a job that is secure and pays enough to lead a comfortable life and a vehicle big enough to hold his family. As, I said in an earlier post, "Perfect" is a relative term. According to him, this scenario is perfect for his life- a comfort zone. But someone who is more ambitious would want more. He might want to explore more places; do something that he loves apart from what his job requires him to do; get the feel of driving a better vehicle. There may be few who feel that they have to explore the world and don't like to be confined to a particular place or a country. They feel that if God has made for the world for everyone, then I have to enjoy it as much as I can before I leave. Then there is the one who feels - "Should I just be one among 6 billion?; If the world is not going to be affected in any way when i cease to exist, why did God create me? Why do I exist? Am I just a dispensable part of the whole process?" This is the guy who wants to make a mark in this world; wants to make his presence felt. For him there is no stopping at anything; his definition of a perfect life keeps on getting revised as and when he achieves it. Whenever he achieves a target - a comfort zone, he is not lured to stay back and enjoy; he looks at how much there is in this world and how much he has achieved; he moves on treating every such target as a hurdle and not as a resort. 

While I was discussing something with my friend in similar lines with what I have written above, he comfortably interpreted it in terms of money. When you look at that way, the entire perspective of seeing the world as God's gift becomes meaningless. I agree that you might need money to achieve certain goals in life but if money becomes your primary objective, your goals become mere cover ups for your greed. 

So, think of how big the world is and where you are in it. If you feel the world is not enough for you, go for the moon. Who knows? You may even end up reaching it one day! 

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