Saturday, July 30, 2011

DO IT! - The strategy that yields, always

I have started blogging in 2007. Four years have passed and you can't call me a blogger yet. Yep, I have around 7-8 blogs and only one of them has a posts count of more than 5. I've always dreamed of having a blog with a traffic of tens of thousands a month. Ofcourse that is fair; everyone wants to be famous. What is that i should do to achieve that goal? May I had to write; write and write very regularly on topics that are informative and interesting. But then things didn't go as planned. Perhaps, I never planned it or even wrote anything on a regular basis! Yes, I had a goal, i had a vision - a vision of how its going to be if that goal is achieved but I never saw the path leading to that destination.

I somehow got to know some famous (though I never knew them until last week) names such as Tom Peters and Seth Godin. It was probably the right time that I watched the videos of their talks on goals, leadership and management as recently there has been a drastic change in my idea on goals and the elements related to it. I was watching some random video of Tom Peters in which he quoted some top manager of some big organisation - "We have developed this amazing strategy - DO IT!". So, thats the first thing that went wrong in my case - I never did anything other than dreaming. In fact that video is the only reason that I am doing this post. Then, I stumbled upon one of Seth Godin's videos that talked about ideas. He talked about the inventor of "Sliced Bread", Otto Frederick Rohwedder and how he messed up with his idea. His "sliced bread" venture flopped because his idea never really reached anyone. He mentioned this phrase "Idea that travels, wins". This is where I went wrong again. How foolish it is to sit and write a blog and expect traffic! Especially if the blog has such weird, senseless title and a retarded URL like this one! :/

Seth Godin also talked about blogging in another video. He says, "If you are good at it, you do it well and get readers. If you are bad at it but still stick onto it, you become good at it". And thats exactly what I intend to do. I don't really know whether I am good or bad at blogging though the obviously disorganized and incoherent content of this post suggest that I am hopelessly bad. So, I'll stick to the sticking to blogging idea of Seth Godin. I'm pretty sure that you can expect some organised and sensible content from here on, hopefully.

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